1/ A family story...

    Our domain is based in Arbois, capital of Jura's wines and first Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) of France.        

The Domain was taken over after parents in-laws, whose were winegrower in Arbois since 1900.

 Grape Harvest in 1907 Grape Harvest in 1924
Grape Harvest in 1950

The domain is subdivided in 7 plots of land and covers now a total area of 5.4 hectares:

- 50% in Chardonnay

- 20% in Savagnin

- 15% in Poulsard

- 8% in Pinot

- 7% in Trousseau

The vineyard is composed of 2/3 of white grapes and 1/3 of red grapes.

 La Mailloche - 1.73 ha
 La Chenaillotte - 0.46 ha
 Les Bodines - 1.51 ha
 Petit Genevret - 0.90 ha
 En Chemenot - 0.41 ha
 Les Corvées - 0.40 ha


    The vineyard has been converted in organic viticulture since my recovery in 1988 and has been one the first organic one in Jura region. In 1988, only 15 hectares (whose 3 ha of our domain) on the whole vineyard of Jura were certified as organic that is to say 0.75%. Now, organic wines represent 15% of whole Jura's vineyard area.

The vineyard has always conserved the family dimensions and family spirit. I work with my wife, who manage administrative and sales aspect and the support of apprentice during their training. The grape harvests are still made by hand, in order to protect quality and grape health and remains each year a friendly moment.

Grape harvest team :-)

    Proud of our nice town, capital city of Jura's wines, Arbois is at the center of our label, which represent "St Just" church, ''Gloriette'' tour and bridge of ''Capucins''. A photo galery is proposed to you in order to discover their beauty...