2/ Jura's vineyard



- Highlights

    Jura's vineyard is one of the oldest French vineyard. Archaeologist established the presence of grape vine 5000 years ago. From the year 80 of our era, Jura's wine have been cited by ''Pline the Young'' and described in history documents in Arbois in X century or also in Château-Chalon and Salins-les-Bains in XVI century.
    Under the impulse of the Romans, the vineyard took it's boost. Arbois, Château-Chalon and Etoile wines are known for their quality since first millennium.
 It's king ''Philippe le Bel'', who introduce those wines in French Court. The Jura's white wine was the preferred of Henri IV like François Ist. This passion led him to plant Jura grape vine in Fontainebleau castle.
    The Poets Rabelais, Rousseau, and closer to us Vian and Brel drunk and sing Jura's wine. The vineyard has within it famous personality like Alexis Millardet (inventor of Bordeaux mixture), the unbeatable Louis Pasteur (Father of oenology).
    Today, the development drivers are established on wine quality. From 20 000 Ha of diverse quality at the end of XIX century, Jura's vineyard is now concentrated on the present area of 2 000 Ha of superior quality.

ARBOIS - Fisrt PDO of France
    The Appellation of Arbois was the first Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) in France created the May 15th of 1936. It's also today the first Appellation of Jura by it's volume of production around 45 000 hectoliters per year. This Appellation is split on 843 Ha.
The five grape varieties authorized in Jura can claim the Arbois's PDO. Red grapes dominate in term of area and production as the local soil is favorable for it's growth. In a rugged landscape with limestone scree, the soil consists of very deep, clay-siliceous and compact marls.

THE GRAPE VARIETY - Diversity and typicity
    Temper and typicity, richness and diversity are so many qualifiers that perfectly define the Jura wines.
Five varieties, assembled and vinified in different ways, offer you the widest range of wines that a vineyard can offer.
    So, red wines (Poulsard, Pinot, Trousseau, Assemblage), white wines (Chardonnay, Savagnin, Assemblage) and vin Jaune, but also sparkling wines (Crémant Blanc and Rosé), sweet (Vin de Paille and Macvin du Jura), Marcs and other Fines will be proposed on the terroir Jurassien and in our cellar.