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3/ The BIOU Party - Day of Arbois...

   This traditional ceremony repeats every year, every first Sunday of September. The BIOU is an enormous cluster constituted by bunches of white and red grapes. It represents the beginnings of the grape harvests and it is offered by all the wine growers to St-Just, patron saint of Arbois.
Made near the paternal house of Pasteur, it leaves the court of the
''Vercel'' house and by an unchanging route, it arrives in front of the St-Just church welcomed by the clergy.
Blessed, it is raised at the top of the main church nave and it will remain suspended there for a few weeks.
Meanwhile, the wine growers get ready for the grape harvests.
The BIOU is a family
story because it was already carried by "Le Grand Duc", my grandfather and also wine grower from 1920 to 1950 then by myself.
The tradition continues because THE BIOU is always raised at the heart of the nave of the Church by my children.