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Arbois is a nice little town, located at the front of the Jura mountains, which surrounded the vineyard and give a beautiful natural frame.
In its heart, Arbois also reserves of beautiful surprised with its beautiful yellow stone monuments, its museums, its attractive main Place, its Arches, the House of Louis Pasteur...


Proud of our beautiful city of Arbois, capital of Jura's wines and city full of history, we immortalized some of these most beautiful monuments on our label.
The following slide show will make you travel through Arbois under various angles and in various periods. You will find there:
    - The ''St Just'' bell Tower , patron saint of the Arboisians
    - The ''Gloriette'' Tower and the ''Capucins'' Bridge, which line Cuisance river, which crosses Arbois
    - The ''Faramand'' Place, the quarter in which we live and where is located our tasting cellar
    - The ''Pécauld'' Castle, which is today The Institute of Jura's Wines