Our organic wines and price lists

        For us, organic wine is especially a relationship to the environment and the wish to realize quality products.
The best proof is that all our wines are certified organic since the creation of the domain in the 1980s well before the environmental craze, which appeared in the 2000s. In our conception, quality products must be affordable to all and that's why we try hard to propose you organic wines of Jura and PDO of ARBOIS (PROTECTED DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN - ARBOIS) with very good value for money.

ORGANIC WINES   &   Bag in Box



Variety of Vine
 Pinot  Tradition    Chardonnay  Savagnin
 Tradition   Bag in Box
 Volume 75 cl
 75 cl
75 cl
 75 cl
   75 cl
 75 cl
 75 cl
  3 / 5 ou 10 L


Variety of Vine  Crémant Blanc
 Crémant Rosé
Vin de Paille

 Volume 75 cl
75 cl
  75 cl
37.5 cl
62 cl
70 cl

    Most of the wines of Jura are wines for long ageing, which keep advantageously during ten years at least. It is due to the fact that they offer an ideal combination of acidity, tannins and alcohol. It is not rare either to find excellent vineyards of more than fifty year.


We would be very happy to welcome you in our cellar to taste our wines (free tasting).

We can receive groups:
    - Up to 40 people
    - Spoken language: French/German/a little of English
    - Visit of the domain as well as the cellars
    - Tasting
    From time to time, we travel across the regions of France and it is possible if you are near of our road to deliver some wine (free of transport).
If you are interested in our products and if you have no possibility of visiting us, you can always contact us.
We can also deliver some wine (free of transport) in a rather frequent way in region of Paris, of Lyon or Rhône valley due to the closeness of our children.

Foreign country exportation

  We also currently export part of our production of organic wines in foreign countries like United States of America, Japan , Denmark...
If you are interested to develop a partnership with us, feel free to contact us to know our wine price list and shipment conditions.